He’s an anti-colonialist.  At least according to Dinesh D’ Souza (I pulled the headline straight out of his blog), reporter for Forbe’s magazine and author of the forthcoming book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

A teaser of sorts for his book was provided in the form of an article in Forbe’s titled, How Obama Thinks.  The article, and particularly comments Newt Gingrich made about it, have suffered wholesale ridicule in the mainstream press.

D’Souza’s theory is that Obama’s sometimes inexplicable policy priorities can be best understood if you understand the anti-colonial thinking he derived by studying his father and his experiences in Kenya during its struggle for independence, as Obama partly revealed in his book, Dreams of My Father. 

The theory sounds plausible.  I haven’t a clue who this guy that we elected president is, and perhaps investigating more closely his own words might help illuminate the matter. 

Having anti-colonial intellectual roots is not necessarily bad, but it makes for some uncomfortable incongruities when you are president of the only colonial power left.  What?  You didn’t know we were a colonial power?  Then explain 50,000 troops in Iraq; 100,000  in Afghanistan; 50,000 still in Japan; 30,000 still in Korea; hundreds of thousands still in Western Europe, etc., ad nauseam.  Indeed, we are France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal all rolled into one so far as colonial powers go. 

So to be President of the US and be against colonialism is almost seditious.  Colonialism is as American as apple pie.   Ever since we threw off the shackles of our own colonial overseers, we’ve been colonizing the world.  We started local and mostly stayed that way (with the notable exception of the Philipines and Panama) until after World War Two.  Then it was gangbusters to colonize everything the retreating European powers left that was valuable (hence, no Kenya). 

Thus D’Souza’s charge that Obama is anti-colonialist is tantamount to claiming he’s not with us, he’s ag’in us, in the most important part of “us” there is.  It’s like saying the Babe secretly pulled for the Red Sox after becoming a Yankee.   

Whatever.  It would help to know a bit more about Obama.  He would do well to articulate whatever it is that drives his decision-making process, whether its anti-colonialism or progressivism or socialism or whatever.  In the absence of information, all we get is speculatin’.  That maybe he’s Muslim.  Or maybe even Kenyan.  Some even say he’s black.