From Bloomberg, a report about sexuality:

About 85 percent of men reported in a study that their partner had an orgasm during their most recent sexual event. The number dropped to 64 percent when women were asked whether they reached climax their last time.

So, basically, about 20% of women are faking it.  That sounds about right.  I basically just figure that women are always faking everything, from orgasms to grocery lists.  It keeps me grounded.

About 40 percent of women ages 20 to 49 and of men ages 25 to 59 have had anal sex, the study found.

40% of women?  Really?  That doesn’t sound right.  But then, they’re probably faking that, too.  But the numbers do add up this time.  But what of the guys that are doing each other?  Shouldn’t the total for the guys be higher than for the women, for just that reason?

Women over age 50 were more likely to reach orgasm if they had sex with a casual or new acquaintance rather than in a relationship; 81 percent reported orgasm with a non-relationship partner. This compares with 58 percent reporting an orgasm with a sex partner they are in a relationship with.

It’s always more fun to cheat.  Or to have something new.  How can you get excited doing again a guy you’ve done about a zillion times that you know wants nothing other than to fart and drink beer and lay around on the sofa on Sunday afternoon, watching his team that your conspiracy of sisters has decked out in pink accouterments?  They’re probably not faking this one.  They’re just faking the relationship orgasms.