When the recent ruling in California’s Central Federal District that “don’t ask, don’t tell” ruled unconstitutional is added to the ruling in Massachusetts federal court that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, combined with a separate  California ruling that its ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, homosexuals activists believe they’re on a roll, from the New York Times:

Chad Griffin, the board president of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, which sponsored the litigation against California’s same-sex marriage ban, said that “with the momentum of these three court decisions, I think it really is the beginning of the end of state-sanctioned discrimination in this country.”

Really?  The beginning of the end of state-sanctioned discrimination?  Just because some people prefer to define marriage as a union of two people of the opposite sex, you think homosexuals are suffering “state-sanctioned” discrimination?  Here’s an idea.  Develop a gay union statute and sell it to the state legislatures.    Don’t call it “marriage”, but design it substantially the same as the marriage statutes on the books.    I bet it would prompt very little objection.   The heterosexuals might just embrace such a thing as a way to allow you to suffer along with them.

But that’s not the real aim here, is it?  Militant homosexuals want to get in people’s faces and force down their throats the fact of their homosexuality.  They seek “acceptance” by compulsion.  And that explains why they so often fail to achieve acceptance.

Homosexual activists make a grave error when equating their sexual preferences with the color of a black man’s skin.  The black man wears his skin on the outside, for all to see, every single day.  Discrimination on the basis of skin color is easy, as blacks well know.  Sexual preferences not only needn’t be openly obvious, sexuality is generally considered something best explored behind closed doors.   But that’s not what homosexuals want.  They want to flout their sexuality and make people accept it as a legitimate way of life. 

I’ve a little secret for all you militant homosexuals out there.  You will eventually win all your legal battles for what you think comprises equal treatment under the law.  But you will never win acceptance.   Think about it.  How many parents raise their children hoping them to grow up to be homosexuals?   Were your parents proud when you informed them of your sexual preferences?

 Homosexuality is a fact of life.  There have always been a certain percentage of people who feel attracted to the opposite sex, and there always will be.   The US is one of the most open and accepting societies ever to have existed.  Homosexuals in America suffer no grave injustices, such as they do in say, Saudi Arabia.   But acceptance in the manner that militant homosexuals seek is beyond reach.  Tolerance, yes.  Acceptance, no.  No matter how many legal battles the strident activists win.