…basically because there’s nothing dramatically compelling me to.   I don’t much care who gets elected governor of my state.   Neither choice seems too bad nor good.  Nothing much is likely to change.  Governors have only the ability to do and say stupid things (George Wallace) if they wish to be remarkable.  I don’t think either of the choices today are likely to be so inclined, but neither do I think either are inclined toward greatness.  At least I hope not.  There is nothing more annoying than a politician that seeks greatness.  It usually makes for a demagogue and a tyrant. 

And I told my kids as much.  I know…I’m going straight to democracy hell for setting a bad example for my kids.  But the dogmatic nonsense that society tries to feed them about the franchise of voting–that it’s your duty, that a free country depends on the exercise of voting rights, that political campaigns and ideas matter so much as to make voting a nearly religious experience–all of it is utter nonsense.  And that’s what I’d hope them to learn much more quickly than it took me nearly forty years to figure out.

The bottom line about voting is that it really doesn’t matter all that much most of the time, particularly in a mature society such as ours whose direction is, for better or worse, more or less set.  The build-out of political ideas forming the foundation of the society took place many years ago.  Now all we do is argue around the margins.  

So I’m not voting today.  Not because of some high-minded moral rationalizations I’ve made.  Nor because of some deep-seated dissatisfaction with the political process.    I’m not voting today for the same reason as many others.  It really doesn’t matter who wins.  The new boss will be pretty much the same as the old boss.