…the holidays are upon even this ol’ Curmudgeon.  I could, but won’t, or perhaps won’t yet, burn a passel of pixels for why I hate Christmas.  In the meantime, aside from catching up on some reading during the relatively few quiet times, and posting some book reviews, I’m mostly ignoring the day to day world. 

For holiday fun I’m reading Keith Richards’ biography Life.  So far (about 150 pages in the 450 page tome), an excellent read.  Say what you will about Richards and his antics through the years, but he’s the driving force behind the Rolling Stones.   And no, I didn’t study Richards’ life in my schooling, so this doesn’t violate my rule against reading biographies of people I already well know.

My next post will probably review his book. 

I owe a post explaining why my prediction of zero-percent interest rates for housing apparently ain’t quite working out how I imagined.  I’ll get to that after the holidays, but for now I’ll just say that fraudclosure might be the culprit for higher interest rates.  And don’t ignore the commodities markets.  Good times are here again, if the commodities markets are an indication.  But really, it’s just regular old inflation and all the illusions that go with it.

For now it’s off to “enjoy” the family.  Happy Holidays.