Cow manure, i.e., bull and cow shit, is an excellent fertilizer, and is routinely put to use as such.  Bovines eat grass and feed, turning the grass and feed into energy and heft, but ultimately expelling a goodly portion of the nutrients they have ingested, which is then used as fertilizer, often on the very same type plants which they had ingested.  It is a virtuous cycle.

In an unvirtuous cycle, politicians fertilize their voters with bullshit, then feed on their constituent’s growing approval, which, after digestion, is returned to the voters in the form of more bullshit.

No politician is more full of bullshit than the one that claims he aims to “grow” the economy like he grows his constituent’s approval, a point made succinctly and well by Bloomberg’s Caroline Baum:

The idea that the government can grow the economy is seriously flawed. The economy grows on its own unless there are obstacles placed in the way. The best thing the government can do is remove those impediments, such as the high corporate tax rate, and allow the economy to send out new roots and green shoots. Water it periodically. Fertilize occasionally with organic material. And don’t overfeed.

Politicians don’t grow the economy, particularly not by spreading around the bullshit idea that they can.  Ms. Baum continues:

How does the economy know how to grow without anyone telling it what to do? It starts with individuals wanting to earn money to pay for their basic needs and accumulate savings. In our infinite wisdom, we — at least entrepreneurs — figure out how to produce or provide a good or service the public wants to buy at a price it’s willing to pay.

Economic systems that politicians describe as wishing to grow are just abstractions of the trillions of tiny decisions people make every day about how to match available resources with needs and wants.  It doesn’t even matter to the individuals and households whether the aggregate economy grows.  What they are concerned with is whether their economy grows or not.  Perhaps the abstraction of aggregate economic activity matters to their individual economy, perhaps it doesn’t, regardless, the economy doesn’t grow because politicians direct it thus.  That’s just bullshit, of the unvirtuous variety.