It looks as if Mubarak will not go peacefully.  He effectively told the Egyptian opposition  to get lost. 

America and Israel aren’t sure what to do.  The limits of American power are patently obvious.  America and Israel just wish this to go away, but it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen easily.  Any time there is unrest in one of the vast flocks of sheep its capitalist shepherds cultivate, their interests are threatened.  Shepherds hate agitation in the flock.  Shearing and milking operations suffer.  Agitation can spread from one flock to another.  Making money depends on stability, except to the wolves lurking in the shadows.

It’s still not clear, outside of Mubarak’s departure, what exactly it is that the opposition seeks.  As Kris Kristofferson observed, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.  The lot of the average Egyptian would surely worsen under anarchic mob rule.  Wanting to throw out despotic rule without any ready substitute illustrates the naiveté of their movement, if movement is the proper word for it. 

This may get interesting.  Truth is allegedly the first casualty of war, but only when considering what is said.  Don’t listen to what is said, listen to what is done, and great truths may thereby be revealed.