The pastor in church today made sure everyone picked up an article from Christianity Today, explaining how Christian dads should deal with the creeping (and creepy) sexualization of young girls in the culture. 

There’s not much to know that you didn’t already.  Children should never be dolled up to look like slutty miniatures of adults, and even post-pubescent girls should be discouraged from advertising that which they don’t intend to sell; no fourteen or fifteen year old girl is ready, emotionally and spiritually, let alone physically, to sell what she may be advertising with today’s fashions.  My fourteen year-old daughter and I have a saying, “modest is hottest”.  I’ve explained to her over and over again that physical beauty is not worthy of worship, but even when it is to be appreciated, it is always more alluring the more that is left to the imagination.  Just because Britney Spears and her cohort of females famous mainly for being famous and slutty looking and acting (Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, et al) don’t get it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Don’t blame the dads for this sluttification of society.  Girls don’t follow their dad’s lead in choosing what to wear.  It is their moms they follow, and the average mom in these days of the desperate housewife exploits their sexuality with abandon.  Picking up my daughter from her private, Christian (but not overly prudish) school, practically every mom in the carpool line (I’d see ’em when they’d get out of their hulking SUV’s to chat) was dressed in a manner that would have gotten them sent home for a dress-code violation.  Moms would get out in tight, hip-hugging jeans with three-inch stiletto heels, or in tight-fitting tops that left no doubt as to the size and shape of what lie underneath, or would breezily swish about in a sun dress that revealed all there was to know about the form underneath.   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a prude, and enjoyed the spectacle of watching the descendents of those stern Presbyterians openly relishing their sexuality.  But those moms were teaching their daughters a lesson in exploitation.  They were showing, not telling, their daughters that the power of their sexual attraction outweighed every other attribute of their character.

It’s true of course.  As is often said, a young woman’s beauty can move mountains.  But it wouldn’t hurt if a few of these desperate housewives were to leave a few more details to the imagination, if only so that their daughters might understand they needn’t try to out-slut each other in their attire.  Crass exploitation of sexual attractiveness can be outright unattractive.