From Accuweather:

As the threat for severe weather shifts eastward across the northern Plains tonight, the stage will be set for snow to make an early appearance in the northern Rockies.

Enough cold air will arrive for snow to fall as low as 6,500 feet in Montana’s Glacier National Park and the neighboring higher terrain in Canada.

 Between 1 and 3 inches of snow is expected through Thursday morning. Motorists should prepare for a slushy accumulation to create slow travel through Logan Pass.

After having caused Hurricane Irene, anthropogenic global warming will now cause it to snow in the Rockies, in August. 

AGW,  which is causing an exceptionally miserable summer for Texans (all their summers are miserable, this one only exceptionally so), is apt to cause an exceptionally miserable winter in the northern tier of states, along with Texas, whose winters aren’t generally much better than the summers.   It’s no surprise the Texas governor is seeking employment elsewhere.

It is not clear what effect AGW had on the recent earthquake centered in northern Virginia, but scientists are busily working out the connection.  In preliminary reports, they have detected an expansion in the earth’s crust along the Eastern seaboard that may be due to the heat of AGW.  Everyone knows that increased temperatures cause things, except ice as it melts, to expand, which they surmise might have caused the unusual calamity.

AGW has also been implicated in the recent stock market fluctuations, according to scientists investigating the links between increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and human cognition and reason.  (A story on more or less the same thing was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald). 

Barack Obama’s decline in popularity has been attributed to the gathering repulsion humans in what were once temperate climates now feel for dark-skinned sun people. 

AGW is not a god to be trifled with.  More to follow.