Handicapping this horse race is really getting difficult.  There’s no telling which of Iran or Pakistan will be the ultimate target of American militarism when the domestic political time is ripe for striking down an international pariah.  Both potential foes seem to have an unlimited supply of hijinks and outrages up their sleeves, although to be fair, Pakistan is less the provocateur than provocatee in its relationship with the US.  The US seems about ready to just march down the streets of Islamabad in a soft coup, sort of how the Austrians awoke one morning in March of 1938 to find German tanks rumbling down the streets of Vienna with nary a shot fired.

Iran pulled something of a redux of its seventies strategy today, taking over and occupying the British Embassy in Tehran.  Apparently the British Embassy was the best representation of American power around, as the US hasn’t had an embassy in Tehran since the 1979 hostage crisis.  It can be assumed that the successive empires, British to American, are practically seamless from the Iranian perspective.

Here’s the opening paragraph from the New York Times article:

LONDON — Iranian protesters screaming “death to England” stormed the vast British embassy compound and a diplomatic residence in Tehran on Tuesday, torched at least one vehicle, tore down the Union Jack, ransacked offices and briefly held six staff members captive during an officially approved protest of economic sanctions against Iran’s suspect nuclear energy program.

“Death to England”?  That has to warm the heart of any Brit that fancies merry old England still matters on the world stage.  The sun long ago set on the British Empire, but the remnants will be proud to be hated again, even if they were only the “little Satan”, serving as proxy for the big one.