According to a Bloomberg article, comedian Stephen Colbert claims to be exploring a possible run for president.  Of course, it’s almost impossible to tell when he’s serious.  He’s a comedian, after all. 

But really, between his show and Jon Stewart’s, there’s no need to watch or pay attention to the evening news.   I tell my teenagers to watch the shows, especially Stewart’s, if they want to get an idea of what’s really going on. 

Just the other night after watching Stewart’s hilarious explanation of the tit for tat playing out between the US and Iran, and the US’s propensity to rationalize its way to war over oil whenever we don’t have a major oil-producer’s leadership in our vest pocket, my seventeen year-old son looked at me and said, “We’re going to war with Iran, aren’t we?”  Indeed, he got it.

Kids have keenly tuned bullshit meters.  You can fool them once, but you won’t do it twice.  I can’t see why any young voter would vote for anyone in the presidential race (except perhaps Ron Paul), Obama included, and Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich especially.  For one, as Obama supporters should have come to realize, Obama ran against the Bush presidency so he could oversee a presidency almost identical to the one it replaced.   The last twelve years should be called the Bushama era.   Turns out Obama was as full of bullshit as any other politician, but had never really done anything, so the kids had no reason not to believe him when he painted rosy pictures of “hope” and “change”.   Like the line from The Who goes, “they won’t be fooled again.” 

Mitt Romney is just another suit, like Obama, except with paler skin, that will say whatever he thinks might win him the most votes, all the while trying to get by with saying nothing substantive at all, sort of like a central bank chairman.   Nothing substantial would change under a Romney presidency, except Romney’s Rolodex of investment banker friends is probably more extensive than is Obama’s.  But Obama is no enemy of the investment banking community.  During the financial crisis, he basically carried forward with Bush’s policies, meaning he refused to object to the canard propounded by bankers that the structural reform markets were attempting to impose upon the financial system was to be halted at any cost because of the potential danger it posed to overall economic well-being.   Surely, Romney would have done the same.  If Romney gets elected (highly doubtful in my estimation), the name of the era could be adjusted from Bushama to Bushamarom.  Almost sounds like a Muslim holy day.

Gingrich is just a pious fraud.  Anyone but anyone, young, old or middling, ought to easily grasp that reality.  He’s been on the dole practically all of his adult life, yet wants to present himself as an outsider railing against the establishment.  He is the establishment.

Americans seem to feel their ship of state is foundering dangerously close to the shoals.  The only candidate in the presidential race offering anything except more of the same War on Terror, Drug War, War on Civil Liberties (not officially declared, but as real as the others), etc., is Ron Paul.   But Paul is routinely dismissed by the MSM on both sides of the political spectrum as some sort of whack job.  The American plutocracy, if it is to survive with its head securely attached to its neck, needs to reexamine its dedication to preserving the status quo.  The status quo is why the natives are restless and looking for some new answers. 

Maybe a Colbert candidacy would reveal the general disdain Americans have for the choices they’ve been presented by the Republicans.  It certainly couldn’t hurt.  If Colbert placed second or third in South Carolina, would the plutocracy finally then realize how large is the disconnect between the governed and their government?

I told my kid that the only candidate in the race that wouldn’t lead us to war against Iran is Ron Paul–that if you believe the only valid justification for taking a human life is to protect one’s own life–then vote for Ron Paul.  Iran presents no existential threat to the US.  There is no need to support and defend the US Constitution against Iran.  The US Constitution, if it stands for anything (doubtful after the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012), it certainly doesn’t stand for the idea that a cheap and plentiful supply of petroleum is a birthright of all Americans.  I don’t know Colbert’s stand on the issue.  Maybe there would be two candidates worth considering if he entered the race.