As the old joke goes, “How come men don’t live as long as women?  Because they don’t want to.”  A Harvard Medical School study reveals, or at least confirms, why.

The Telegraph (a UK paper) reports that the study concluded, among other things, that it made women happy to know their male mates (either spouses or boyfriends in the study) were upset, from the article:

Dr Shiri Cohen, the study’s lead author, said: “It could be that for women, seeing that their male partner is upset reflects some degree of the man’s investment and emotional engagement in the relationship, even during difficult times.

Yeah, right.  What Dr. Cohen means to say is that women enjoy seeing their male partner upset because it is immensely satisfying evidence of the power they have over them.  A man who is invested and emotionally engaged in the relationship is a man who can be manipulated and controlled to a woman’s satisfaction. 

The study also revealed it made women happy when men noticed that their wives were angry.  It didn’t help the men feel any better, but, you know, so what.  Making men feel better is not the point of a marital relationship.  Cultivating the ability to make men feel bad, for the woman, however, is. 

Any man that’s been married for more than a few years, and has paid even the scantiest attention to what the franchise entails, does not need Harvard to explain which way the wind blows.  And it’s a take-it or leave-it proposition, a contract of adhesion, if you will.  I’m surprised the women don’t demand arbitration clauses before the nuptials these days. 

No wonder the franchise is imperiled, and the out-of-wedlock birth rate skyrockets, as the total birth rate plummets.  As for the homosexuals–I will never get why they are so enamored with suffering this affliction.

(Disclaimer:  While my wife knows about this blog, she doesn’t condescend to read it.  Therefore I’m not so courageous, or perhaps foolhardy, as a post like this might seem to reveal.)