What passes for spring around here (Central Alabama) has already passed.  It usually comes on a Thursday, and is gone by the weekend.  Then summer sets in.  Which it has.  Summer arrived along the first of the past week (March 13th or so). 

There are actually only three seasons in Alabama:  Almost summer, summer and almost Christmas.  Almost summer, which started just after Christmas, is gone.  Now it’s summer, and will be, ’til almost Christmas rolls around sometime in late October/early November. 

The early part of summer, when the days almost never crack 90, is the time for doing stuff.  Useful stuff, like replacing a front door that had developed some leaks after a porch remodeling project.  And other stuff.  Like catching the crappie that enter a feeding frenzy before they go on their beds to raise little crappie. 

I’m hoping to have the door replaced before the crappie quit biting.  I usually plan things better, and get to the crappie, before getting to the projects.  But almost summer ended so quick this year until I got caught unawares. 

See you next week.