Rajan Rondo did it again.  He scored his now 18th triple double, in a game this afternoon (April 1, 2012) against the Miami Heat that the Celtics won going away.  That’s triple double number five for the season.  No one else in the NBA has more than one.  And the Celtics were thinking of trading him? 

I’ve got just one question:  Why isn’t there any talk of Rondo being the league MVP? 

I have to give props to my daughter.  She’s the one that asked the question in the leader.  We were watching the game when Rondo got another rebound to make it three doubles (points, rebounds and assists), and she asked what the “TD” in TD Garden stands for.  I told her it was for Toronto-Dominion bank, the same as the “TD” in TD Ameritrade (I hope that’s correct–it was off the top of my head).  She said it ought to stand for “triple double”.  That was too good to pass up.

My daughter’s fifteen and has a huge crush on Rondo.  Every time she sees him play, she squeals, “He’s so cuuute!”  And she also likes country music, and guys that drive pickups and think everything looks better in camo.  We are, and she really is, lily white.   Who says sports doesn’t prove how utterly evanescent are racial considerations when survival, even if its only on a basketball court, is involved? 

What a game.  And it wasn’t just Rondo.  The whole team played great Celtics basketball.  Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have been on fire since the All-Star break.   The old boys might just have another run at a ring left in them.  If they do, it’ll be Rondo feeding them shots, rebounding like a shorter and much less mercurial Dennis Rodman, and putting up enough points to keep the defense honest.

Oh, and that Doc Rivers fella that coaches the Celtics?  Yeah, he’s pretty good, too.  The style of play that he coaches has to be a big reason that I’ve fallen back in love with Celtics basketball.  I think he and Rondo have something like a father-son relationship (which is why the Celtics do not need to hire Doc’s real son).  Rondo would not be nearly as good without Rivers, nor Rivers without him. 

Go Celtics!