At least that’s what Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post says:

As I write this, the nation’s capital and its suburbs are in post-apocalypse mode. About one-fourth of all households have no electricity, the legacy of an unprecedented assault by violent thunderstorms Friday night. Things are improving: At the height of the power outage, nearly half the region was dark.

Did you get that?  The nation’s capital is suffering a heat wave in the summertime, and one that had some really powerful storms accompanying it.  Oh, the humanity!  The terrible activities of the unenlightened masses have finally caused a wave of calamity to wash up onto D.C.’s pristine shores.

D.C. was hit, along with a wide swath of the Midwest and Atlantic Coast, with something the meteorologists call a derecho, a term that hadn’t made it into the lexicon sufficiently to warrant an entry in the American Heritage Dictionary, 4th Edition.  What it apparently means is an extensive line of strong storms with high winds that look a lot like just a really powerful cold front, except there isn’t much in the way of cold air because it’s summertime. 

Meteorologists like to come up with new ways of describing old things, but not because they are playing to their enthralled and credulous human audience who always have a predilection to believe weather calamities in their own age exceed all others in history.  No, meteorology is not in the entertainment business.  It is a science.  And so it can name stuff as it sees fit.  So the storm that hit D.C. was a derecho, not simply an extraordinarily powerful thunderstorm.  It was that too, but just the way derecho rolls off the tongue more fully captures the terrible misery inflicted on those poor D.C. denizens who have been without power for at least a couple of days now.  Oh, the humanity.

And as Eugene Robinson, apparently a meteorologist cum global warming scientist cum political columnist made clear in his Washington Post column, the derecho was the result of mankind’s activity causing the earth’s climate to warm.  If D.C. is hot and miserable during the summertime, global warming is, by God, real.

Not to worry, Robinson points out that all those folks waiting on the power company to restore their air conditioning would be sitting cool had they only supported Barack’s green energy initiatives, and allowed solar panel technology to proceed as it should so that their rooftops could provide all the electricity they might need.  He didn’t say what the people with trees crashed through their roofs would do to power their AC’s. 

The Beltway elite are finally answering for the sins of the peasants, roasting in a hell they had warned would come.  Perhaps the God of Anthropogenic Global Warming will accept the sacrifice of the Holy City of Washington, D.C. in expiation of the sins from the hinterlands.