Barack Obama won.  I predicted he would lose.  I was wrong.  But it was incredibly close, especially in so-called “swing states”.  That Mitt Romney, a deeply-flawed candidate who even a great many in his own party didn’t like, came so close, says everything about how polarized is the polity, and how marginally popular is Obama. 

The republic will survive another four years of Obama.  In fact, if there is a silver lining, his reelection starts the clock ticking on the end of his US political career.  Maybe when he’s done creating a socialist nirvana in America (and in the process, thereby destroying it), he can outsource himself to other faltering social welfare states and show them how its done (they better get some Predator drones and print their own currency in order to succeed).   But it doesn’t matter how utopian Obama believes the world can become through his redistribution schemes, the simple fact in America, as in Europe and elsewhere, is that social redistribution schemes fail when there is nothing to redistribute, and the government does not now, nor ever has, created anything of value worth redistributing.  At best, it can only create the conditions conducive to creating value. 

My other prediction–that the economy would tank in late summer/early autumn also did not come to pass, yet.  Timing is impossibly hard to get right.  But the trend is not.  There is no reason whatsoever for the American economy to cheerfully reanimate its spirits.  There are a great many reasons, not least the fiscal and regulatory nightmare that its federal government has become, for the spirits to fall into despondency.  Real gross domestic product has only barely returned to its pre-recession levels, even after massive federal government stimulus ($5 trillion in fiscal deficits and $2 trillion in the Fed’s balance sheet).  Employment levels are still below their pre-recessionary peak, and though the population still slowly grows, employment grows even slower.

Though the US will survive another four years of Obama, its viability as a constitutional republic will, at the least, be severely weakened.  Obama, the former constitutional law professor, has ripped the constitution to shreds, as only one who understands its basic tenets could.  (Lawyers are never hired by a client to ensure they follow the law, but are hired to find ways around it.)  Obama is not popular enough to cross the Rubicon and openly declare himself emperor, but he has already done enough behind the scenes to effectively assert imperial power.   The President of the US personally orders the assassination of the citizens of the putative constitutional republic he leads.   The remnants of the Tea Party better be wary of unusual aircraft circling their neighborhoods.  It will only be a matter of time until the imperial assassination prerogative turns to protecting, not the US from its supposed enemies, but the emperor from his. 

All in all, there is nothing good can come from this election, except that it’s over and it marks the beginning of the end to Obama’s political career in the US (unless he seizes imperial/dictatorial power, which sounds outlandish at the moment, but the idea of a democratically elected Hitler becoming a dictator probably sounded outlandish in Germany in 1933).   

All hail the victor.