The Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu observed a while back (around two thousand years ago) that there is little point in fighting a battle when losing is a certainty.  Which is why Congressional Republicans need to simply quit fighting the fiscal cliff battle.  Let Obama have what he wants.  Give him the keys to the economy and walk away. 

Obama knows he can’t lose, and so initiated discussions on what to do about the spending cuts and tax increases that will automatically take effect January 1 if nothing is done by asking telling the Republicans that he wanted everything he’d ever asked for in any budget negotiation, and then some.  Like Rome’s first emperor, he then took his demands to the people in an attempt to marginalize legislative imperatives in favor of his own.   He even asked Congressional Republicans to rewrite the Constitution, providing him, Barack Hussein Obama, with unfettered authority to raise the limit on debt incurred by these United States.  Since its inception, the US Constitution has required, as part of its separation of powers doctrine, spending bills to originate in the House of Representatives.   Now Obama wants to grab that power for himself; whoever controls the debt limit controls the purse strings.

But really, all Obama is doing is expanding upon his already vastly expanded writ.  When there issued not a peep out of any branch of government over Obama’s program of targeting US citizens for assassination, the Rubicon had by then already been crossed.  Obama already is the first American Emperor.   Asking that the Chief Executive be awarded a piddling matter like control over the national credit card, though directly in contravention of constitutional doctrine, is small beer relative to killing without recourse or oversight or due process the citizens of the country he leads.   If the American people won’t object to the usurpation of legislative and judicial prerogatives implied by a Chief Executive who assassinates his own citizens, and in fact, reelects the guy without even making an issue of the matter, then they won’t object to any executive power grab, no matter how brazen.

The republic is dead.  Obama saw to it in his first term that no crisis was wasted, relentlessly gathering power unto himself like a Mafia don, and the citizens of the republic apparently didn’t care.  Now he’s using the contrived crisis of the so-called fiscal cliff to gather even more (he’s leaving for a Hawaii vacation on December 21st, so he’s made clear the “crisis” must be resolved by then).   And he’s succeeded in his aims for power accretion in every previous “crisis”.  The Republicans would do best to just get out of the way.  Quit trying to govern in opposition.  Just quit.  Tell Obama he can have whatever he wants.   Don’t vote for any of his proposals, just abstain from voting against them.  Let Obama become the third-world petty tyrant he dreams of becoming, and let the US become a third-world petty dictatorship of the same ilk that legions of its immigrant citizenry left to escape.  Then it might become resolutely clear, for the umpteenth time in the last century, that statism is not the answer; that government is not the solution to every woe.  Twist Marxism around a bit, and accede to Obama the power with which he will hang himself. 

Complete capitulation in governance would likely cost some Republicans their jobs.  So what.  They should do it for the good of the country.  But how could it be good for the country to allow Barack Hussein Obama to effectively accede to imperial rule?  Because it is clear that people are historically stupid, not understanding even the recent history of disastrous rule by dictatorial regimes.   How quickly are forgotten Stalin, Hitler and Mao.  How fastidiously are ignored Kim and Chavez.  Let Obama add his name to the list of despots.  Then he can make history by not only being the first president with African ancestry, but also by being the president who set the republic on the path to its ruin.   The republic is already well on its way to insolvency.  Give Obama the national credit card and let him own the bankruptcy.  At least then he won’t be able to blame it on someone else, and maybe, just maybe, a movement might arise that seeks to return the republic to rule by law, and not by petty tyrant.