No. And Manti Te’o didn’t get schooled in football by the Crimson Tide’s offensive lineman and running backs because of it either. Manti Te’o and Notre Dame were crushed by Alabama because Alabama was that much better than Notre Dame. Simple as that.

Nice try, Irish fans, but it won’t work. You can’t pin this one on Manti.

And please, let the poor kid alone already. Wasn’t it enough humiliation that Alabama running back Eddie Lacey just ran right through his tackles? Now the world has to hound him senseless because it was discovered he had a fake girlfriend.

I pin the blame for the whole thing on a) a sports media who pant and grovel for stories that might make gridiron heroes interesting beyond the game, particularly as it concerns the Heisman Trophy, the most overhyped, bullshit award ever devised in sports; b) Notre Dame fans who are so rabidly faithful they sell their souls every Saturday for wins, praying to their touchdown Jesus to bring home a victory (really now, is winning at football even a part of the Catholic catechism?) and, c) Manti Te’o, but forgivably. He’s just a kid for crying out loud. Had the Notre Dame faithful and the sports media not worshipped him as a demigod, which every human innately knows they aren’t, he might not have gotten so confused and pulled such a crazy stunt (assuming he was involved in it, and only the extremely gullible could believe he had nothing to do with it).

And for all that Manti Te’o did for Notre Dame football, all he got was the chance to get a lousy degree. He was one of the best players on a team with a bunch of good ones; a team that made it to the BCS championship game, where tickets were going in the five figures. Notre Dame, and college football, owes him (and all the rest like him) a good deal more than this. At minimum, the adoring public can quit expecting kids in their late teens/early twenties to always behave like grown men.

Manti, you got whipped by Alabama’s superior size, strength, speed and preparation. It had nothing to do with your fake girlfriend, but I dearly hope that the whole affair is soon over and forgotten. I will enjoy watching you play on Sundays if you are so fortunate to make the cut. Best wishes.