Love, Through Space and Time

 From Minor High School; to Birmingham-Southern College; to the University of Alabama; to Ft. Rucker and flight school while you were in Mobile, and later, Alabama, again; to Virginia, and all the way across the country to Ft. Lewis, Washington; through two deployments to Central America while you were in Dallas; back to Ft. Rucker, along the way to see you in Dallas; to New Orleans and Daleville; to Anniston for a honeymoon; to Kansas City and Ft. Benning, and Saudi Arabia and back to you in El Paso; to Monroe and Austin and the long drive between them; to R’s arrival (my son) and back to Birmingham; to Maytown and E (my daughter); to Homewood and R’s cancer; to Briarwood with E and R’s cancer, again…

…I have loved you through it all.  And still do.  And always will.  The trials, tribulations and turbulence of two-plus decades of marriage have only burnished the glow.

Ever since I came to know you, sitting on that couch in your parent’s house ‘til way past curfew, talking the night away, I have loved you.  Ever since I came to know you, I have hoped for nothing less than your happiness.  That happiness for you came eventually to include me and the life we built together as husband and wife has been nothing more or less than a blessing, a consecration of my love.

My love for you depends on nothing.  Because it is not only romantic, though it is that, it does not depend on the whims of romance; because it is not only physical, though it is certainly also that, it does not depend on the mortal body you inhabit.

I love you because I see in you the better angels of my soul.  My love for you comes from the only place real love can ever arise—from the love for self that God implants in our soul.

My love for you will never falter; it will never fail.  It is not a storing of my treasures here on earth, where moth and rust destroy, or where a thief may break in and steal.  My love for you is a treasure stored in heaven, and where my treasure is, there also is my heart.  You are always in my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2013

Stephen (The Curmudgeon)