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Listening to an old U2 album recently, and reading some old Greek philosophers (I really am a nerd, along w/ being a Curmudgeon), set me to pondering: What is love? Through the thousands of times I’ve professed my love of something or someone through the decades, it occurred to me that I’ve never really known what it is.

So I started at the place that prompted my ruminations and tried to discover the meaning of love through the vehicle of pop music. In U2’s Rattle and Hum album (is it okay to still call collections of songs, regardless the media upon which they are stored “albums”?) seven of the seventeen songs–all of the ones that mention love–have love as their central theme. (Seven is a number carrying all sorts of baggage with it–I wonder, any significance?)

There’s Desire, written by Bono, that talks of love as desire–in this case apparently…

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